Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BEAUTIFUL is an understatement...

Some of you know the story of when i "broke" into the half built house next door to take a peep inside, only to have them arrive.. Long story short, i was left sliding down the back stairs (I say stairs but i mean little pieces of wood) heavily pregnant.. That was the last time i decided to peep into people's house without asking.. Now the safer way is to just sit at home and load the pictures.. Happy hump day..

Via this amazing place.. I can't pronounce.. x


  1. Oh wowzer. Glorious. I would love to have been a fly on the wall when they arrived....hi i er...need to borrow some milk?!!! What did you say???

  2. I heard them drive up and i was like " ooohhh shit" i ran out the back looking for a way out but they had no stairs yet! My husband and my father in law were in our house building and they thought it was hilarious watching me as i slid down the railing and skipped down a few tiny pieces of wood! All while say maybe 7.5 months pregnant and the size of a whale! I eventually got out via the "laundry". Then i strolled casually across the vacant block back to our house! I've never told them.. x


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